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Real Estate Licensing and Professional Development Courses

Terms and Conditions

Course Access
Following initial purchase of the course, you will be able to start the online course at any time.  Licensing Courses have 6 month access, extensions available if needed.  For Professional Development courses please refer to your enrollment confirmation email for access, availability and schedule or contact us for additional information.

Course Extensions
Your course access period begins from the date of purchase.  Access length is typically one year or for some Professional Development Courses longer,  but please refer to your Online Access email for additional information on the course you have enrolled and purchased.  Your course access end date is also listed online; it is located on the Select an Enrollment page of your course under the course title.

Refund/Cancellation Policies
You must contact your Instructor for a refund authorization within 1 day of enrollment via email to, please explain reason for cancellation. Refunds will be up to the Instructor's discretion. If the school authorizes a refund, they will forward that authorization to our support department.  Refunds will be issued to the original payment method within 30-45 business days.

Reporting Consent

By enrolling in our course, you are granting Online Florida School of Real Estate, Inc. the consent to deliver information to state reporting organizations and hereby grant consent and acknowledge that this consent supplements any privacy policy posted on Online Florida School of Real Estate, Inc. website, and further waive any and all claims against Online Florida School of Real Estate, Inc., its parent company, and/or subsidiaries for the release of this information.  Online Florida School of Real Estate, Inc. will only provide the data to the appropriate Florida state organization of DBPR.

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Last revised on February 17, 2022